Guitar Demos

Update Sept 9th 2014


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 These are some demos of me playing some easy guitar songs and telling/showing you how to do them

These are all songs that I have worked out personally

 and are my interpretation of them,

I don't spend hours working out every last squeak,

 that's not the idea!

More of a "this is how I would play it" approach.

Some of these are complete, others just snippets,

 although the full versions are available.


These links below will sometimes take you to a page containing the lyrics and chords

There will be other links to the chords used

and a link to a file of me playing/talking you through the song/solo.

Other links take you straight to the "MP3" or "WMV"

which may have the complete or only part of the song/solo.

I am in the process of introducing "Hotdog The Headless Guitarist"

Ok so you guessed it Hotdog is me!

These are Windows Media Player Videos of me playing certain songs/solos

After receiving your free lesson request I will send you links to download and save.

These below are just for "Demo" purposes to let you see/hear what happens.

Sultans of swing /Dire Straits Demo

Smells like Teen Spirit/Nirvana

Stairway to heaven intro Hotdog video(1 of a series)

Wonderwall/Oasis Hotdog video(1 of a series)

American Pie/Don Mclean

Wonderful tonight

The Master Plan